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10 Travel musts to satisfy our sense of adventure!

Here's a couple of things to add to your bucket list! Whether you're looking to add some "badassery" in your life, find unique spots to make your friends jealous, or all of the above, we got you covered... if you dare...

1- Swim in the secret lagoon in Coron, Philipines. 

2- Slide down "Oeschinensee Rodelbalhn" an Alpine Coaster near Kandersteg, Switzerland.

3- Trippy Watersllide in Poland

4- Dive in Belize's Great Blue Hole

5- Go Across China's Glass Walkway

6- Mountain Summit in Norway

7- "Fly" in the World's Longest Zip-Line Located in Puerto Rico

8- Jump in the World's Highest Bungee Jump in South Africa

9- Share a Beach with Monkeys in Uluwatu, Bali

10- Dream Jump Dubai

Share YOUR travel goals in the comments below.