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No se hace un pais diferente con gente indiferente

1 Planet volunteer Joseph Finnerty is the founder of Pareto Politics (www.paretopolitics.com) a community where diverse political ideologies converge to learn from each other in order to break the gridlock of political divides.

This picture he took in Rincon, Puerto Rico, and the recent mass shooting that took place in Charleston by Dylann Roof, inspired him to write his latest article: "CAN  WE OVERCOME THE CHARLESTON SHOOTING?"

"The goal should not be to completely eliminate it, because we will never reach that pinnacle of mankind, thus in the end failing.  Instead, the world needs to work towards the inclusiveness of different races, religions, genders, and politics to limit the desire for wickedness."
- Joseph Finnerty

His research interests are dedicated to sustainable development throughout the world but specifically in third world countries. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Focusing on the protection of the environment, spreading social and economic equality and ending extreme poverty are Joseph’s passions and are what he focuses his research on.